Data Technology

Taurus platform combines big data analysis, machine learning etc. Through data mining, model training, and intelligent distribution, Taurus could gain in-depth understandings about user profiles and advanced AI & Big Data technologies are put into practical application scenarios.

Programmatic Advertising

Functions of AI Engine

Media Buying Automation

Examine and choose creatives with maximum click-through rates to launch.

Assess the performance of each ad set and determine its budget and pace etc.

Fraud Prevention & Forecast

Conduct real-time and offline detection to identify and block invalid traffic immediately.

Forecast patterns of frauds and continuously improve anti-fraud mechanism.

LTV Prediction

Determine historic CLV, calculate and update predicted CLV by training statistical models.

Provide insights on how to prevent churn timely, tweak user experience and target most lucrative audiences.

Functions of Data Management Platform

Data Integration

Integrate tens of Terabytes of data from various sources in one platform and gain a complete view of users

Audience Building

Analyze user demographics, interests etc. accurately and create segments to help customize key audiences.·

Expand target audiences who behave similarly to existing users and build a well-performing prospecting strategy.

Content Personalization

Discover user preferences to help personalize ads & contents to improve user experience and maximize effects.

Campaign Optimization

Measure campaigns’ performance across all digital marketing tactics and act on journey analytics & attribution insights.