Programmatic Advertising

Taurus programmatic marketing platform identifies and purchases the best audience for your cross-screen campaigns. Taurus DSP draws on extensive knowledge of user behaviors and device ownership to buy curated audience segments on our own Ad Exchange. With massive inventory and optimization infrastructure, you can surely get high Return on Investment.

Data Technology


Qualified Traffic

Taurus uses clean traffic from selected publishing partners. And its viewability measurement and proprietary technology have passed rigorous testing and can prevent fraud effectively.

Precise Targeting

Taurus monitors data in 20+ parameters simultaneously. Combining demographic, technographic, psychographic and behavioristic signals, it profiles users more precisely than most of our counterparts.

Transparent Data Tracking

Taurus campaign management system guarantees you complete transparency. You can check the performance of your ad campaigns in real-time and adjust settings whenever needed.

Maximized ROI

Taurus marketplace builds a direct path between you and numerous publishers to maximize your purchasing power. Plus, we offer the industry’s most competitive pricing for CPM model.